Huss Hardan aka Helmut Weegee is a photographer based in Venice, California.

Huss works in all mediums depending on the project at hand, but the majority of his imagery is shot on film, either 35mm or 120.

“Anguish and Obsession” is Huss Hardan’s trilogy featuring “An American Love Story”, “Mother Earth” and “The Color of Money”.

It explores and documents societal issues in an unyielding, conceptual and yet illustrative fashion; multiple stories are told within the same narrative.

The abuse of power and control is addressed.  This ranges from 'our' debilitating obsession with weaponry, to human trafficking, sexual harassment and the assault on our environment.  

"Anguish and Obsession" combines a stylized technique with a jarring and yet emotional touch blending Helmut Newton’s eroticism with Weegee’s crime scene imagery.

The images challenge and confront the viewer as we sense a shift in the power dynamic.

This website shows a small subset of the project, the entire collection can be viewed upon request.

"Color of Money" is currently on display at huZ Galleries in San Pedro, California.